Welcome to Our Weekly Brunch

Kia Ora!

Welcome to our weekly brunch. World globetrotters Helen & Brad Brahms along with their mascot, Kasey Kiwi, love to explore new places as they travel. They share their love for travel and adventure with their family, friends, and clients. One day while watching an episode of Blue Bloods Brad mentioned to Helen that he would like to start having weekly family meals together with his boys and their families. Awesome idea but thought weekly might be a bit much with schedules so we settled on once at least once a month. We started talking about it and then a couple of months later the San Diego Magazine listed the top 52 places for brunches in San Diego. Helen’s mind snapped…family meals + 52 brunches = a blog about brunches and Have2Brunch was born.

We decided that we would go somewhere different every Sunday for brunch and let others know about the places we visit. If we were at home in San Diego we would decide where we would go for brunch and invite the kids – I know they are adults, but they will always be kids to us! If we are traveling then we would have brunch wherever we happen to be. Some Sundays we may not go anywhere, just hang out and have brunch at home with the family.

Please join us each week as we explore places in and around San Diego and other places near and far as we enjoy our Sunday brunch.

Hei Kona Ra!

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